Welcome Friends!

Maridee and Barbra share a passion for the knitting and crocheting. They met in 2010 at a Tuesday night knitting group and were fast friends. One night at group, Maridee mentioned she was thinking about opening a yarn store. She had a name and a location all picked out, but the financial realities of a brick and mortar yarn store seemed overwhelming. During her weekly knitting class at work, Barbra brought up her friend’s yarn store idea. It was always a dream of Barbra’s, too, but, like Maridee, it always seemed just out of reach. One of the members of the knitting group suggested a yarn truck and immediately Barbra was enamored with the idea. Hours of Google research on mobile retail business and one overwhelmingly long email to Maridee later, they found themselves on Melrose talking with one of LA’s first mobile boutiques. On July 5, 2012 the Yarnover Truck was born.

Yarnover Truck is your local yarn store on wheels, implementing the food truck business model and applying it to a mobile yarn store. The truck will make appearances at a variety of local events, including street fairs, craft fairs, art and music festivals, food truck events, and Fiber Festivals throughout Southern California. Additionally, the Yarnover Truck will be hosting its own events and available for private parties. Our goal is not only to sell yarn, but to increase awareness and provide needlearts education, with a focus on knitting and crocheting.


AboBioPhoto-Marideeut Maridee –

Maridee has been crocheting since she was 12.  Her grandmother first taught her the craft as something to help pass time during an extended hospital stay.  Ten years ago, she took up the craft again and has now learned how to knit as well.  She boasts a wild and crazy stash that sometimes threatens to overtake her entire house.  Her boyfriend jokes that she might need to start storing items in the refrigerator very soon.  His daughter has started to try and limit Maridee’s yarn shopping  – only allowing her to purchase one new skein for every two that she uses.  Thankfully, little girls are not that aware of packages coming in and out of the house!

For the past four years, Maridee has worked in Theatrical Advertising for Warner Bros Studio working on such well known films as the INCEPTION, ARGO, GANGSTER SQUAD and the HARRY POTTER, SHERLOCK HOLMES & THE HANGOVER franchises plus many more. Prior to coming to Warner Bros. she spent just over three years with Village Roadshow Pictures doing marketing and publicity and almost two years working for Paramount Pictures in their Paramount Classics independent film division.

Before moving to California in June of 2002, Maridee lived and grew up Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She earned a BA in Finance from the Carlson School of Management and a Masters of Business Communications Certificate from the University of St. Thomas.  While in Minneapolis, she spent almost 12 years working as a marketing and advertising professional for various agencies and companies including Music Matters, Bozell Kamstra Advertising, Select Comfort Retail (Sleep Number Stores), MovitAction and MECC Software.




BioPhoto-BarbraAbout Barbra –

After years of thinking about taking up the craft, Barbra taught herself to knit has been an avid knitter for the last 10 years. . Her grandmother and grandfather were both excellent knitters and Barbra always wished they had lived to see her become the skilled knitter she is today. She is sure her love of yarn comes from them and that they are watching over her making sure that she doesn’t drop any stitches. Over the years, Barbra has worked hard to teach herself new techniques and challenge herself with large projects. Her favorite thing to knit is sweaters, always adding extra length for her long arms.  Barbra has taught at local yarn stores and at DisneyToon Studios. For the past 5 years, Barbra has worked in animation production management for Walt Disney Studios.  She was lucky enough to assist with the knitting portions of Disney’s 50th animated feature, Tangled and on the recent Winnie the Pooh movie.  Both Rapunzel and Kanga were “taught” to knit by Barbra.  Barbra is currently a Production Coordinator on the Tinkerbell movies at DisneyToon Studios.  She hopes it’s only a matter of time before she can ‘teach’ Tink to knit, too!

Barbra has a significant background in both social media marketing and the needlearts industry.  As the owner of Knit Together Media, she has spent the past 18 months helping many Los Angeles yarn stores to create and implement effective social media marketing campaigns. Barbra also served as the marketing director for the inaugural and highly successful Yarn Crawl LAShe earned a BA in Theater with an emphasis in Entertainment Studies from California State University in Fullerton.