The Yarnover Truck won the 2013 TNNA  Business Innovation Award for Yarn Retailers at the recent Summer NeedleArts Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio.   The awards criteria included innovativeness, being a useful example for other yarn retailers, fitting within the current market trends, and showing a positive impact to the store’s business.


You can see the Award presentation here.

We were so honored to win and could not have been more excited! Much celebration was had and we made sure to take pictures with everyone we saw! Thank you to everyone for all of your support and encouragement!


Photo Jun 22, 4 59 40 PM

We won!

Photo Jun 22, 6 54 23 PM

With the lovely Stephen West

Photo Jun 22, 7 22 51 PM

With Joel of Lantern Moon and President of TNNA

Photo Jun 22, 7 42 27 PM

At Jenni’s Ice Cream with two amazing ladies – Clara Parkes and Cat Bordhi!