Everyone who creates art with yarn can tell you about the importance of taking care of your finished pieces.  We have the perfect product for this and it makes a great holiday gift – Soak Wash!  This eco-friendly, rinse-free product comes in a 3oz bottle, costs $10 and will give you 18+ washes.  We have four different scents:  Aquae, Celebration, Lacey and Yuzu plus a scentless version.


Another wonderful soak product is Handmaid – their luxury hand cream enriched with Shea butter, olive oil and vitamins A&E.  Handmaid rejuvenates you skins and protects against overworked hands.  All knitters and crocheters know that smooth hands won’t catch on their yarn while working on their projects. Handmaid comes in the same scents as the Soak Wash.  A 3oz bottle costs $10.

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Now that you have taken care of your hands, it is time to move on to your feet!  Soak Heel can give you feet worthy of hand-socks!  The product is a unique combination of ingredients that restores skin and soothes tired feet.  Cucumber extract, vitamin E and the soothing powers of menthol work together to form a luxurious reach treat for your feet.  This is the best heel cream we have ever found!  A 2 oz jar costs $10.