Many people have asked us How the Yarnover Truck will work and we thought we would share that answer with all of you!
The Yarnover Truck is going to be a fully functioning yarn store, just on wheels. You will be able to walk up into the back of the truck to find beautiful shelves filled with your favorite yarns. It won’t feel like you are inside a truck, but inside a hip boutique! Barbra and Maridee will be there to help select the best yarn for your project, show off the latest local yarns, or just let you pet all the pretty yarn. We want the Yarnover Truck to be a relaxing and fun place to shop. Depending on where we are parked we will also have awnings outside the truck with seating areas beneath them where knitters and crocheters can hang out, chat, and share their craft. And most of the time we will hopefully be parked with Food Trucks… so there will be yummy food near by too!