Where to find the Yarnover Truck

Want to come visit the Yarnover Truck? Not sure where or how to find us? We are here to help you figure all that out. The Yarnover Truck will be out and open for business on weekends and evenings during the week.  Both of us still have full-time day jobs so getting out during the(…)

Launch Party!

It’s finally here! The Yarnover Truck Launch Party is coming soon! This is a private event for ticket holders only. Tickets are $25. Here are all the fabulous details… When: Saturday March 23rd from 1-4pm Where: Buy a ticket to get the location What’s Happening at the Event:  You get an awesome gift bag, door(…)

How the Yarnover Truck was Born

Maridee and Barbra (Co-Founders) share a passion for the knitting and crocheting. They met in 2010 at a Tuesday night knitting group and were fast friends. One night at group, Maridee mentioned she was thinking about opening a yarn store. She had a name and a location all picked out, , but the financial realities(…)

Where to find the Yarnover Truck

We have had many people ask where they can find the Yarnover Truck and where we will be visiting. Well, right now we aren’t going anywhere as we don’t have the truck yet! Our hope is to launch March 2013! (more updates on that soon!) Once we do launch we will mostly be in the(…)

Yarnover Truck?

Many people have asked us How the Yarnover Truck will work and we thought we would share that answer with all of you! The Yarnover Truck is going to be a fully functioning yarn store, just on wheels. You will be able to walk up into the back of the truck to find beautiful shelves(…)