Yarnover Truck CA Road Trip – Press Release

MEDIA ALERT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   YARNOVER TRUCK IS HITTING THE ROAD TO VISIT NORTHERN & CENTRAL CALIFORNIA, APRIL 25 – MAY 17, 2015   LOS ANGELES, CA – April 12, 2015 – The Yarnover Truck, the first mobile yarn store, is venturing outside of it’s California stomping grounds and taking full advantage of it’s(…)

Yarnover Truck Products – Full List

What can you find on the Yarnover Truck?  Lots of beautiful yarns and accessories of course!  Here is a list of all the products we carry.  Please note we do not carry the full color line of these yarns, we normally have about 10 colors or more in each base. Updated 3/3/16 YARNS Anzula (including(…)