Yarnover Truck Holiday Gift Idea #7 – Soak Box Kits

“May your hands and feet be soft, fibers fresh and your nails match your knits!!”  This is the message from our friends at Soak to describe their fun line of Soak Box Kits.  The Yarnover Truck has stocked 3 different boxes for your hands and 3 for your feet!  We have already told you about(…)

Yarnover Truck Holiday Gift Idea #6 – Soak Products

Everyone who creates art with yarn can tell you about the importance of taking care of your finished pieces.  We have the perfect product for this and it makes a great holiday gift – Soak Wash!  This eco-friendly, rinse-free product comes in a 3oz bottle, costs $10 and will give you 18+ washes.  We have(…)